Finding the Right Vestibule for Your Business

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Harsh winds and winter weather pose a problem to business owners looking to create a comfortable environment for patrons. You want your storefront to seem warm and inviting without running the risk of letting the draft in as people enter and exit. Adding a temporary vestibule to your storefront not only allows for a more inviting entrance but works to shelter patrons as they wait outside and keep your heating bill low.

How to Find the Right Vestibule

There are a few key elements to keep in mind when finding the right vestibule for your business. Especially on the East Coast, you may be dealing with a range of snow, wind, and rain-like conditions. Therefore, you must be sure your vestibule can withstand harsh weather. At Sign It NY, we create custom vestibules, so each individual storefront has a product that works for them and their aesthetic. Choose from a range of glass, canvas, and acrylic temporary vestibules that ensure your patrons are protected from the elements.

Sign It NY is a leader in creating custom and temporary vestibules in the NYC area and has worked with a range of businesses from restaurants to retail. See a few of our custom vestibules below:

Papilon Bar & Bistro

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Papilon Bar & Bistro finds itself packed with tourists and devoted locals on any night of the week. With the enormous glass door facade, the consistent foot traffic allowed for the chill to seep in, disrupting the warm environment. Sign It NY created a custom vestibule that worked with Papilon’s ornate storefront without distracting from the beautiful windows.


This chic Parisian-esqe bakery located in one of NYC’s most fashionable districts, SoHo, promotes a decadent and ornate decorum with macaroons to match. They couldn’t have the environment disrupted by the draft brought in with the constant bustle of customers so Sign It NY created a temporary vestibule that blended seamlessly to their storefront and added to the overall charm.

With a plethora of colors, designs, and styles, you’ll be sure to find the perfect custom vestibule for your business at Sign It NY. Contact us today to get a custom quote.

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