Finding the Right Style Sign for Your Business

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It may get overwhelming trying to decide on a sign for your business. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to choosing the most fitting sign option for your business. At Sign It we want to make the process of picking and designing a sign as seamless as possible for our customers and that comes with giving our clients carte blanche with design which steering them in the right stylistic directions. Certain brands lend themselves to specific sign style, and our professional team at Sign It has years of experience in recognizing which trends in businesses work best with different signs. For example, while a classy boutique may prefer a wrought iron hanging sign, a rustic style bar is more suited for a wooden sign. We’ve compiled a list below of possible sign options to help you identify which sign works best for the style of your business.

Flag Signs

Flag signs are an elegant and eye-catching ways to market your business. This dynamic and ever moving sign can be designed with any number of colors and information to catch the attention of the customer. Most pertinent in busy areas, such as retail hubs, flag signs are a wonderful way to stick out in the crowd and act as a beacon for people mixed up in the foot traffic of the city. Flag signs can be double sided and designed from nylon, canvas, or vinyl, specifically for full-colored prints.

Channel Lettering

Channel lettering is a 3-dimesnsional graphic sign mounted to the front of you store that displays your company name or logo. Channel lettering is designed specifically for businesses with unique fonts and logos, as the display truly highlights the stylistic decisions of the business. The actual lettering can be designed from a plethora of materials from stainless steel and aluminum to acrylic and polycarbonate as well to truly cater to the design of each business.

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are a wonderful way to market your business on the busy streets of any city. With eye popping designs, infinite color choice, and shape, hanging signs are designed to be viewed from both sides, therefore becomes easily eye catching from the ever-crowded streets of New York City. Regardless of shape or size, Sign It creates hanging signs of wood, PVC, and aluminum to fit the style every business.

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are created entirely or partially out of wood for customers who don’t feel like canvas or metal signs fit their company’s aesthetic. Wooden signs are perfect for promoting the charming and rustic sides of your business, such as smokehouses or downtown bars. Choose from repurposed wood, oak, mahogany, and more to find the exact aesthetic your business strives for.

Contact Sign It for a custom quote for any of these designs as well as additional options on our website.

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