Flag Sign

An elegant way to advertise your business

What are flag signs?

Flag signs are fabric banners that are an elegant way to advertise your business. There are many types of flag signs that have varying types of advertising impact depending on their usage. For instance, large 20 foot flags can be used at stadiums, whereas medium-sized ones are ideal for directing a passerby’s attention in retail environments.

hanging sign
hanging sign

What flag sign options are available?

We have a diverse range of flag signs available. The particular fabric needed is predicated on what will be printed and how the flag or banner will be used.
We offer two types of flag signs:

  • Double-faced flag: The print is visible from both directions. Attached by both ends, these vertical pole flags operate miniature billboards and are ideal for situations where you don’t need the movement of a flag.
  • Free-hanging flags: The classic flag that is hung on a pole. It has more material and print options, as well as an additional way to take up space as it blows in the wind.

Our experts can make your flag signs out of:

  • Nylon
  • Canvas (for painted art)
  • Vinyl (for full-colored prints)

We have years of experience and can you determine which flag sign is the best fit for you. With both color and motion, flags are a multipurpose and flexible solution to a company’s needs.

hanging sign
hanging sign

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