Wooden Signs

 Create a charming and rustic look

What are wooden signs?

Wooden signs are signs that are built either completely or partially from wood. Many business owners feel that typical canvas or metal signs do not give fit their company’s aesthetic. For these businesses, wooden signs create the charming and rustic look that is the perfect fit to their interior or exterior design. Wooden signs can either be hung outside, advertising your business to those passing by, or hung up inside to add character to your decor. These signs are perfect for any business owner that truly appreciates expertly crafted woodwork.

What wooden sign options are available?

Our wooden signs can be constructed with a plethora of different types of woods and finishes. One of our most popular materials is reclaimed wood, which has a striking look that has become a staple of many New York City restaurants. Other popular wooden sign materials include ipe wood and mahogany, often chosen for their water-resistance, ensuring that your business’ sign looks great for years. After choosing a wood, your sign can be further customized with the following lettering options:

  • Painted letters – Allows for your sign to be embellished with intricate designs and details
  • Wooden letters – Adds a more textured and rustic look to your sign
  • Illuminated letters – Increases nighttime sign visibility
  • Neon lettering-  Adds a pop of fun and color to the decor of your business

Whether you’re in New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens), New Jersey, or Connecticut, we’ll make sure that your business’ wooden sign stands out and looks beautiful. If you’d like to hear more about all of the wooden sign options that we have available, contact our experts via phone or by using our short contact form, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions about adding a custom wooden sign to your business!

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